The buzz my cooking marathon generated was a result of grace – Hilda Baci

Popular Nigerian chef, Hilda Bassey Effiong, also known as Hilda Baci, has said she was able to gain massive publicity for her Guinness World Record attempts was a result of grace.

She, however, said that some people were not happy with her attempt to break the longest cooking marathon by individual.

The 27-year-old graduate made the statement while having a chat on I Said What I Said Podcast hosted by FK Abudu and Jollz.

According to Hilda, there are people that felt she was “too blessed” in terms of being pretty, having a good career and stunning physique, so they were not happy.

The chef said; “There were a lot of ‘It’s not fairs’, like, ‘how can only her be fine, be hot, ah ah. How can only her have all these things? That’s not how life is.”

On the speculations that she paid for publicity, she said only grace could have made that possible.

She explained that the massive show of support, daily turnout of people until she completed her cooking marathon after 100 hours, is something that nobody can plan or pay for.

“The PR that we invested in, how much, how many was it? The kind of earned media that the attempt got, you can not pay for it. You can’t plan for it, you can’t pay it. It’s grace. You can only hope,” Hilda said.