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The best way to show love to others is to first show love to yourself – John Cena



WWE wrestling champion and Hollywood actor, John Cena has a few words of advise for people who show love to others as a result of their selflessness.

The wrestler said that as an individual who cares about showing love to others, the best way to go bout it, is to first learn to love yourself.

Cena pointed out that joy and negativity is contagious so in other to effectively spread love, one must devote love to themselves as that will overflow unto others.

Giving the advise via his Twitter handle @JohnCena, he tweeted: “A great way to be there for those you love is to, first and foremost, be there for yourself. The power of joy is contagious, so is negativity. Love you, and devote time to you. That way you make your day and those around you as well.”

Read his tweet:

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