The Best Hospitals In Nigeria

The Best Hospitals In Nigeria

The institute of Medicine defines healthcare quality as “the degree to which health care services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge.” Quality improvement in healthcare is important for basic reasons that makes it possible for health conditions to be properly and correctly diagnosed. Quality improvement can also help to improve health services for individuals and to increase the desired health outcomes with reduced cost.

The best hospitals in Nigeria are judged based on;

  • Quality of care.
  • Patients’ experiences.
  • Review and recommendation.

Some of the best hospitals in Nigeria are listed below;

Group Medical Hospital, Ibadan

best hospital you can find in nigeria

GMH provides services in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ear, Nose and throat conditions, General surgery, Pediatric surgery, Dermatology, Orthopedics, Urology, Cardiology, Radiology and Geriatrics. Their services are top notch in effect to quality of care, patients experience and recommendation.

Ihenyen Medical Center, Benin City

best hospitals you can find in nigeria

IMC was founded by Dr. Anthony Ihenyen, a general Surgeon  in 1997. Dr Ihenyen and his team have shown remarkable levels of service to be highly rated. They provide quality care in General surgery as well as OB/GYN.

Godiya Hospital, Birnin Kebbi.

Godiya Hospital is led by  Dr. AbdulRahman Aliyu. The hospital was founded in 1995. This hospital provides stellar services and they are appreciated for the high level of services they provide.

Bridge Clinic

best hospitals you can find in nigeria

The Bridge clinic was founded in 1999. Their priority was in offering fertility services and they easily became the West Africa’s  best center for fertility services. With time, due to popular request from satistified customers, they began offering services in other branches of medicine. They happen to  be one of the best in Nigeria.

Noma Children Hospital, Sokoto

best hospitals you can find in nigeria

This is a WHO referenced specialist hospital located in Northern Nigeria. They specialize in plastic and reconstructive surgery. It also offers free pediatric and surgical care to people suffering from the Noma disease. They also provide training in pediatric and plastic surgery. It has an African ranking of 21 as at March, 2018.

Reddington Hospital, Lagos

best hospitals you can find in nigeria

One of the best hospitals in Nigeria, established in 2001 in association with London’s Cromwell Hospital. The hospital specializes in internal medicine  and cardiology. It runs its own coronary and intensive care unit. Their services cuts across various branches of medicine such as, ophthalmology, pediatrics, ENT surgery, Radiology and Psychiatry.