Tenant calls soldiers to beat up gateman for leaving duty post

Tenant calls soldiers to beat up gateman for leaving duty post

A security man has been battered for allegedly being away from his duty post. A Twitter user with the handle @ehimaggie narrated the sad experience she witnessed after a tenant brought two soldiers to assault the man.

She posted pictures of the victim and a short clip which showed the soldiers assaulting the defenseless gateman.


She wrote:
I write this story with so much sadness .

Kindly see what a human being did to another human being.

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This is our gateman name Felix. He was beaten mercilessly today by two soldiers and one civilian.

What was his offence???

He was intimidated by a tenant named Wale Adebiyi.

Why will one be treated this way??? Just because he was not at his duty post to open the gate. Wale assaulted and reached for spanner to hit the gateman. For self defense , the gateman picked up a bottle for just incase Wale hits him.

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Wale decided to call 2 soldiers to deal with

Felix. He told Felix that he will make his wife nd daughter suffer. Ara adugbo ppl came out to beg Wale . He ignored. Felix was dragged in muds and beaten with a bicycle chain like a thief.😭. Felix was bleeding. The soldiers left because of the intervention of other people.

Felix was advised to go the police to report the issue. He got to the station. He was asked to write statement nd get doctors report. The worse part was …he was asked to pay some money. Where will one who earns 20k get money to pay the police before they do thier job?

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This country doesn’t help the poor oooo.

I just want Felix to get justice.😭😭

Here is Wale’s picture …the guy with no conscience. The one who thinks hes a demi god😏”





The tenant that called the soldiers, Wale