Temmie Ovwasa declares she’ll be as wealthy as her former boss Olamide

Nigerian songstress, Temmie Ovwasa has vowed to one day be on the same financial level as her former record label boss, Olamide Adedeji.

She stated this in a video posted as a reply to netizens who have been dragging her for her comment against the YBNL boss.

Temmie revealed beyond what the public sees on social media, she is very rich and there are many landed properties she acquired.

Temmie Ovwasa vows to be as wealthy as her former boss Olamide

The ex-YBNL Princess, stated that she will measure up to Olamide in terms of wealth in a few years, so that critics would no longer have the guts to attack her online.

She also mentioned the various properties she owns, and bragged about how her career that some say is ‘dead’ has taken her to Europe and is still taking her places.

Temmie said; “In a couple of years, the man that signed me, that is making you people chat this shit, I will be catching up with him financially. because I realize you people do not like it when people keep quiet and mind their business”.

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In another news…

Nigerian female emcee, Candy Bleakz claims she was supposed to have been signed in the place of singer Temmie Ovwasa at YBNL Nation.

She revealed that she was shocked when Olamide unveiled Temmie because she (Candy) was on the brink of becoming the YBNL Princess in 2015.

The rapper made this disclosure when she featured in a recent episode of the Hip TV programme, Trending hosted by Big Brother Naija star KimOprah.

Temmie exited Olamide’s record label years ago, and she alleged exploitation among other issues as her reason for leaving.

Candy Bleakz said she and Temmie Ovwasa were close friends, so she was sad when Baddo announced that he’s given her a record deal, because she expected they would sign her instead.

The rapper said; “The day Baddo (Olamide) unveiled Temmie Ovwasa, she is my friend but I was really sad. I was supposed to be the YBNL Princess. I was like, ‘Why did they sign someone else?’”

Also speaking on the struggles of being a female artist in Nigeria, Candy said; “For a female artiste, when you’re pretty it’s a problem, when you’re ugly it’s a problem.

When you’re too sexy it’s an issue and when you are not it’s an issue. Because I’m bringing something to the table but you will see comments like, ‘She’s not fine. She’s not dressing sexy. And at the same time, when she is fine they would want her to bring something to the table”.