Temi Otedola reveals amount she had during ‘brokest’ period in her life (Video)

Nigerian actress and fashion entrepreneur, Temi Otedola, has opened up on the amount that was in her account when she was at the ‘brokest’ phase of her life.

She recently had a chat with popular YouTuber, Korty on her and was asked “what is the brokest you have ever been?”

In her response, the last daughter of billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola said it happened abroad when she was 15 years old and her mother told her that she would no longer be getting pocket money.

Temi Korty brokest

Temi revealed that she was abroad at the time and she had to get a job to make money, so she worked at three different retail stores.

Her job was to be folding clothes in the store and at the end of the summer she earned a total of $1200 and she that was what she used to hang out with friends at festivals.

She said the experience taught her to understand the value of money no matter how small, because then she had to work for the money she spent.

Watch the video below:

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@Winning_Master1; 1200 dollars wey go change my life na him this one call her brokest. God abeg.

@VerydarkmanP; The mother did a real job allowing her work. Now she knows the value of money and she feels proud of herself

@fresh_gb; Would give anything to hear Buju say his story 😂

@mr_tobby01; So when she was 15, that’s 2011, her brokest is $1,200🤯

@Eastcoastprince; What’s the brokest you’ve ever been? You come dey tell us house internship experience. Nawa oh

@itzdrekel; Me trying to recall the last time I received pocket money from my parents

@iam__sodiq; A particular week during my intenship, I trekked from Ojota to Ikeja two times because I had to spend more than my budget on brunch food. Adupe

@Ahlexmoralex; $1200 for the brokest . God you see wetin you Dey do ba ? Shey e good ? No tell me shey e good ?