Teacher kills self, leaves note on how to share his money

A Zambian teacher has thrown the Chipata District into confusion and a state of mourning as he recently ended his life.

Panford Mweetwa was said to have been found dead after taking unknown poisonous substances on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at Mwami turn off.

The 46-year-old who works at Maguya Day Secondary School in Chipata District was recently transferred from Nsanjika Day Secondary School.

The school teacher left behind a written note declaring the money he owned and giving instructions on how his relatives can share it

He said; “I have been working very hard but had nothing to show what he had achieved”.

Eastern Province Police Deputy Commanding Officer Stephen Mayoko who confirmed the incident to the media on Friday, July 5, explained that the deceased told his wife that he was going into Chipata town, howeve, around 10pm, Mweetwa was found unconscious.

He was rushed to Katandala clinic for treatment but was later referred to another hospital where he was admitted.

Whilst being treated, the deceased who was able to talk revealed that he had taken unknown poisonous liquid to end his life. He died the same day. The body is still in the mortuary awaiting burial.

The note read; “There are also Benefits from Napsa and my leave benefits and repatriation should be given to my wife who is going to take care of my children.

Use the money to build a house for Your self and the children and the Other money you start business. *You shoud shift to Lusaka er Kafue immidiatly after my funeral and start life there.

Remember – Natson there is a K2000 for Rentals – *Tell pilford that I love him so much. worth the love of a brother

I am just tired of this life that tam leaving I have lived on this earth You Know that I have always worked hard but I have nothing to show. Don’t understand this type of life also anyway it’s fine.”