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Teach your daughters that paying bills and buying clothes are basic life skills – Relationship Vlogger



A vlogger and relationship advisor known as Shadaya Knight had taken to social media to tell parents the necessary life skills they need to educate their daughters about.

Shadaya urged them to make their daughters understand at a young age that paying their bills, buying food they’ll eat as well as clothes they’ll wear are basic life skills.

He stressed that the girls should be made to understand that the aforementioned actions are not gender roles.

The young man tweeted; ”Teach your daughters that paying bills & buying food & clothes are basic life skills. Not gender roles!!!”

See the post:

There were differential views on whether Shadaya’s post was on point or not.

@Mma_Kamohelo said; I agree And also boys must be taught to wash dishes,clean the house and do washing it’s not a gender role…

@PeterTshepiso; They should remove those big nails and mop the floor and make sure the food is ready by 6

They love the event of marriage but they dont want to submit to their husbands

@maggievkys; Similary teach your sons that doing house chores is not gender roles but basic life skills

@Mcdhoni11; True even cooking , fetching water, doing the dishes ,hunting ,farming, etc

@im_providenc3; You are right, surely our daughters need that knowledge but i think you will have to find a partner that believes that too since they are the ones who take greater part in molding daughters, or children in general

@AqMaganaye;…the way domestic chores and all that are life skills 2… in all fairness… I’m a guy, but it’s not easy seeing some women do so much housework… really…

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