Take your first salary to your father not your pastor – Kanayo

Nigerian movie star, Kanayo O. Kanayo has weighed in on the never ending religious debate about Christians and their first fruit in a new year.

The veteran actor opposed the idea of people taking their first salary to pastors, and said they should instead should give it to fathers in order to receive blessings in line with culture.

Take your first salary to your father not your pastor - Kanayo

Kanayo gave the advice in a video posted on his Instagram page on Friday, May 10 while using his son as an example to buttress his point.

This is coming few days after the Nollywood star shared that his son, Clinton had come on set to join him as an intern worker. Kanayo said the boy was paid N50k, from which he collected N500 and prayed over the money.

According to him, the money parents might collect from their children as first fruit can vary based on different individuals, but this is the more proper way to do things, especially in the Igbo culture.

Kanayo wrote: “Take your first SALARY to your father for his blessings NOT TO YOUR PASTOR. And to that Pastor who said it belongs to him in a video in January, did you ever consider, the feeding/ transportation to and fro the office for that month? Where is this in the Bible? CHRISTIANS WAKE UP. This is not Christianity.”

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Meanwhile, in related news…

Senior pastor of the Trinity House Church, Ituah Ighodalo, said earlier this year that the first salary one receives in a year should be given to church leaders.

The clergyman stated this in a recent interview while talking about the importance of first fruit, tithes, and offerings in the lives of Christians.

Ighodalo warned that those who fail to pay first fruit risk losing the rest of their harvest or not being able to get the right quantum of harvest they deserve.

He said in part; “The first fruit is the first of the offerings that you get in the course of the harvest year or when you begin a new venture. Exodus chapter 23 verse 16 says, ‘The feast of harvest, the first fruit of your labour, which you have sown in the field’. Traditionally, in biblical times, when you get into a new field, you plant corn, yam, barley, or wheat.

At the end of the planting season, when the food has grown, there will be a first set of harvest that comes out from the ground. It may be three, four, or a whole sheaf. The very first set of harvest you get, you gather them together and you go and give them as an offering unto the Lord, as an acknowledgment that He made the ground to yield for you.”