Take care of your wife in your kids’ presence or you’ll suffer in old age – Nigerian lawyer advises

A Nigerian lawyer simply known as Fowosore has taken to social media to advise men to be good husbands to their wives.

He specifically said the men should treat their wives right in front of their children for the sake of posterity, because what they do today will work for or against them in the future.

Fowosore gave the advise after witnessing a divorce settlement, which he said made him realise that it was important kids saw their fathers taking care of their mothers no matter how rich they were.

He explained that is also a sure way of getting their kids to replicate the love and affection during their old age because children would always take their mother’s side.

The legal practitioner wrote; “I was at a divorce settlement meeting some days back & I have concluded that as a man you have to be a good & kind husband to your wife(s) & make sure your kids see it else you will suffer in old age, it doesn’t matter how rich you are, the odds are simply stacked against you.”

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@omlivingstones; I believe children are much more intelligent than they let on. If a man is doing it, they know. If the woman is doing it they know. Even if one party is covering for the other they know. The koko is to actually be good and kind, not otherwise and expecting image laundering.

@BigBrainEni; As a good father, be lousy with your deeds right from the time your children are still very young

“Hello Children, I just sent your school fees money to mother”
“My babies, what will you like to eat? I sent money to Mummy for you”
“My babies, I gave money to mum for new uniform”

@Osase_N; Being a kind person and provider cannot be hidden. Kids are very smart. The odds are never stacked against the man especially if he is the provider

@evidencebyme; Lots of men are making that mistakes. Be there for your children. Show it and let them know , you should not be the commanding officer of the home all the time. Chill sometime

@seyfunmi; Well I I tell my kids their dad buys this and that for them, I have never hidden their dad’s efforts from them. Naa wetin my mama teach me I dey emulate. Fathers are important as mothers so always let the kids know their dad’s efforts too.