Tacha can’t be faithful because she does things with married men – DeeOne (Video)

Comedian and Big Brother Naija ex-contestant, DeeOne has criticised his colleague, Tacha over her advise to unmarried women.

The entertainer claims that Tacha cannot be faithful in her relationship because she is a hustler who ‘does things’ with different married men.

Tacha had said during an episode of Spill With Phyna podcast, that fidelity is only obligatory in marriage and as such, there is no oath in a courtship that binds women to be faithful to their partner.

Tacha faithful in relationship

The brand influencer maintained that ladies in relationships are single until they have a husband and should not to be faithful until they are engaged or married.

Tacha said: “You have to be in a relationship and not be faithful until you probably get a ring or until you’re getting married, where you have to swear an oath. Because which oath did you swear inside of boyfriend in a relationship that you are faithful?”

Reacting in a video posted online, DeeOne said she has low self esteem and inferiority complex the most among those who have participated in reality TV.

The standup comedian warned ladies against listening to the self-acclaimed Port Harcourt First Daughter as he accused Tacha of being the type of woman to sell herself.

DeeOne said; “This girl ehn [Tacha], in the history of reality TV show that I know of, na she get inferiority complex pass, na she get low self esteem pass…. I don’t need to tell you that this one na hustler.

The reason why they cannot be faithful is because they know that they are doing things with men that are married. They no send you, their eye is on the price. These ones are hustlers, they are out for blood”.

Watch video below: