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Students wear ‘Isiagu’ as uniform on first day of school in Anambra (Photos)



Students of Bubendorff Memorial Grammar School, Adazi-Nnukwu in Anambra state resumed for the new session in a remarkable way.

They wore a native Igbo attire known as Isiagu and were captured looking amazing during the first assembly.

A Facebook user, Theo Ekwem shared photos of the students as they resumed the new academic session.

The photos have gone viral and has elicited massive reactions.

See more pictures:

@efeCamilus commented; The impact is huge as it connects students to their origin and culture. It eliminates the relics of colonization, we must go further to remodel our curriculum to address our problems. Enough of copy and paste education

@Uncle_iNi; Seeing this China came through my head. They one county in the world that have so developed but didn’t throw away their cultural values.

@somkayD_first; Okay. This is too awesome

@oneman_official; Dot Nation representatives.

@KingMichaelThe2; I can perceive the envy of the North rising in fury against the blessed people(Ndigbo)

All the Northern Elites can go & hug transformer in jealousy.

@Fates_faith; Why is that one at the back kneeling down. There is always that troublesome student. I get coconut head.

@okorolambert; Welcome development, more school should adopt our cultural attires

@de_Newman01; My Alma mater…. This is a good Idea from the school management.

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