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Students contribute money, buy car for gateman who treks to work daily [Video]



A group of students have given their school gateman named Joe, a reason to be happy and thankful after they rallied round and contributed to make his life easier.

The man treks to school on a daily basis because he did not have a car to transport him to work.

Thoughtful students who had taken pity on the man after seeing how he walks to school on many occasions, decided to give him a big parting gift.

In a video which has gone viral, they could be seen blindfolding Joe and they took him to the parking lot in the school.

On reaching the parking lot, they handed him a gift box and told him to feel inside for the content.

After his blindfold was taken off, they pointed towards the truck they bought. Joe shed tears of joy when the students told him he does not have to trek again in his life. He hugged all of them one by one.

Watch video HERE

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