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Student pranks his parents by ‘dropping out’ of school (Video)



A young man has given his parents the shock of their lives with his recent prank of making them believe that he is dropping out of school.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, schools have resorted to taking class online with students attending lectures and classes via Zoom and this is one of such cases.

The student known Zee Mokazi set up a fake online class in the presence of his father and mother and decided to prank them by acting as if he dropped out from school.

He was speaking to someone believed to be his teacher online and make a request to drop out since he is tired of taking online classes, after saying that he closed the laptop.

This decision did not sit well with his parents as they immediately challenged him as to why he did it. His mum even went as far as holding his shirt tightly as though she wanted to fight or beat him for taking such a foolish decision.

The hilarious video garnered thousands of likes and re-shares as social media users found the prank daring and funny.

Watch the video below:

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