Strange creature with human body and animal head mysteriously lands on roof (Video)

Members of a community trooped out in their numbers after a strange creature mysteriously crash landed on the roof of a building.

The being had a human body complete with hands and legs, and the head of an animal which could not be discerned.

A crowd gathered close to the building where it fell and kept watching in utter amazement as it moved around on the roof.

It slid down from the roof and looked like it was in a fit of lamentation about something, before it jumped down into the compound which had a fence.

Watch the video below:

Social media users expressed doubt that it was an actual inhuman creature.

pkgjohnson commented; African Halloween lol

kizitoanthonyoforka; Lol😂…na wear the guy wear that this jorh

drealolly; I don’t believe this 😂😂 because I trust that a few people would have ran away the way the think kept sliding down 😂😒

vibewitheliyon; Na only for all these villages you go see something like this

tha_mentalist; Na egungun be that wey don trabaye

chriskryse; some mumu for there go don dey reason how dem go take catch am “go chop” …

chris_studio6_weddngs; Why you no go close and get a clear video, day here day give us script

Meanwhile, a Kenyan digital marketer recently shared an intriguing story of the mysterious reappearance of a man who went missing decades ago.

He was said to have been declared missing 20 years ago but recently found alive courtesy of a random TikTok video that went viral.

According to a man known as @JustinTenai, a Kenyan content creator posted one of his skits which he shoots on the streets and the missing man was seen in the background.

His nephew who reportedly spotted him in the video then thanked the content creator for helping the family to locate his uncle after two decades.

Justin wrote; “Went through the comments uko Tiktok and someone was thanking this guy coz apparently, their uncle went missing some 20 years ago and was seen in one of his videos.”