Stop tolerating disrespect – Omobewaji writes weeks after husband, Portable embarrassed her online

Omobewaji Ewatomi, the wife of controversial singer, Portable, has urged the general public not to tolerate disrespect from anyone close to them.

The mother of one gave the advice via her Instagram story few weeks after her husband rebuked her over her birthday post.

She had flooded her social media timeline with adorable pictures to celebrate her new age in April, and described herself as a ‘self-made queen’.

Stop tolerating disrespect - Omobewaji writes

This provoked Portable who swiftly responded, and asked her to take down the post. He emphasised that he is the one responsible for whatever she enjoys now.

“If them dey call you strong woman na me make you strong, I don’t understand why you call yourself queen of yourself, It Is Either You Change Your Caption or You Pack Out of My House,” he said.

However, in a fresh post, Omobewaji advised her followers against tolerating disrespect because they don’t want to lose some people.

She wrote; “Stop tolerating disrespect just because you don’t want to lose people. Those aren’t your people. I get bad mouth na why I no dey talk, no be everything be ‘She’s so shy’.”

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Stop tolerating disrespect - Omobewaji writes
Stop tolerating disrespect - Omobewaji writes

In similar news…

CorrectNG recalls that Bewaji once said that she will stay in the marriage with Portable for the sake of her children, no matter what happens.

She was reacting to claims that her husband assaulted her at home. Bewaji also used the opportunity to celebrate Portable’s 30th birthday, but a user, @agbajedeboraha, took to the comments section to accuse the singer of assaulting his wife.

In response, Bewaji wrote; “If they born your mama well, can you please tell us what you are going through in your own home?

“If I stay in my husband’s house till now, na because of my children, because I can’t be among people like you with five children and five fathers. Anything I see in my husband’s house na because of my children tomorrow, werey.”