Stop receiving cheap yellow cards – Chelsea manager slams striker

Chelsea manager, Mauricio Pochettino, has warned Nicolas Jackson over the “cheap yellow cards” he has picked up this season.

The srtiker who only arrived from Villarreal this summer, is one yellow card away from a ban. Most of his bookings have come from confronting the referee or complaining about decisions.

Ahead of this weekend’s Premier League game against Aston Villa, Pochettino said: “Today we were talking about that as we had a meeting with him and Enzo [Fernandez].

A striker, four yellow cards only for talking with the referee. It is so cheap and it is going to bring a difficult situation to the team. He understood. Jackson is young – he is going to be a fantastic player.

“He needs to be calm and relaxed. We are talking about young players – they need time. There’s no doubt we have amazing talent but they need time.

“He needs to be clever and not protest to the referees. Maybe it’s because it’s his usual behaviour on the pitch.”