Stop giving money to ladies with no legitimate hustle – Actor, Seun Jimoh

Nollywood actor, Seun Sean Jimoh has warned men against being overtly generous towards a certain category of women that demand funds.

The thespian in a recent post on Instagram urged male folks to stop giving money to women who don’t have a legitimate hustle.

This also as Seun explained that the best treatment to be meted out to ungrateful people is to kick them out of your lives for a sane mental state.

According to the popular actor, a heart of appreciation is all that is needed if help is rendered to one in this current situation of the country.

He said; “People who work hard for money will value it! Stop giving money to women who don’t have a legitimate hustle”

Jimoh added; “Except someone owes you , no amount is too small as a gift ! If you give a monetary gift to someone and they do not show appreciation, ask for a refund in very clear terms and care less if the relationship becomes tainted or stained.

Anyone who doesn’t appreciate the sacrifice it entails to extend any form of monetary gift in this era does not deserve to be in your life however you choose to see it !”.