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Stop cooking food for your fiancé’s friends – Pretty lady advises



A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to dish some words of advise to ladies who are fond of cooking for their man’s friends.

She stated that any man who rates and loves his woman would not let her to constantly cook for his friends whenever they come over.

The pretty woman noted how some men would return to their house with about six friends and assure them that his woman will prepare something.

She chided ladies who allow themselves to become chefs at the back and call of their fiance and boyfriend simply because his friends call her’ Our wife’, and she believes it will secure her position as his future wife.

According to her, the advise extends to the point of marriage, dding that it makes no sense for a woman to always cook forher husband’s grown up friends who show up because they know she is ever ready to serve them food.

She explained that any man who allows his wife or fiancee to do such might love herbut most definitely does not rate her.

She went on to advise women who fall under the category to carry themselves in a manner that would make people respect her.

Watch her speak below:

Read some comments from social media users.

ayoola_of_africa1; Her ex don show her shege, she’s talking from experience

naija_prettiest; I don tire to advise people 👀 omo! Do Weti dey your mind

princiiipessa; This is the missing verse 6 of ,”e no go still marry you chapter 1”..Somebody read verse 7😌

moo__rel; Cook for his friends ke 🤣 wey dem go still carry another babe give am

joepearl1; Normally too much of everything is bad 🚶🏾‍♀️

chiziterem___; Everytime man man,you guys don’t eat?

adebukola.x.x; My jotter don full…. Make i write this one for wall 🤧

kueen_bsa; Leave them, make them dey form wife material, 2million yards 😂

eneffencee; If you like cooking abeg cook.

emmanuelsonchibuike; This one’s true though😂😂

gucci_tos; Fact on fact because you use that word “ constantly “ no be lie 💯💯💯💯

This comes just days after a Nigerian man went online to lambast his girlfriend over the pot of rice she cooked for him.

She prepared jollof rice for him to eat but he disapproved of the meal after she had left his apartment. In a video posted on social media, the man mocked his babe in collaboration with his friends, as they revealed that she is from Anambra state.

They could be seen pouring the pot of jollor into a polythene bag with the aim of disposing it in the garbage can. The boyfriend could be heard saying that the pot of rice did not done properly, which is the main reason they were throwing it away.

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