Stand-up comedy is tougher than skit-making – Lasisi Elenu admits

Nigerian skit maker and comedian, Nosa Afolabi, popularly known as Lasisi Elenu, has stated that stand-up comedy is more tasking than skit-making.

He admitted this during a recent interview with Hip TV, adding that there is a lot of pressure in doing stand-up comedy.

Lasisi shared his thoughts on the financial differences and level of work which he noted is not comparable even though they are both lucrative.

He said; “Both [stand-up comedy and skit-making] have a different feel. There is a lot of pressure in stand-up comedy. You’ve to be on your A-game, and you have to make several materials ready in case you use one and it’s not that good, you can always improvise. It’s very important to do that.

“However, skit-making has become a part of me; one which I can do at anytime, any moment, from sleep, it’s a go for me. I know how to put myself in tune. Yeah, both [stand-up comedy and skit-making] are lucrative. It just depends on how you channel… As a matter of fact, it’s not how hard you work but how smart you work.

“So, it’s not about making the most skit videos, it’s how well you channel the videos to the right plugs go brand them in such a way that in turn you get financial reward for them. I believe either skit-making or stand-up comedy can give you the financial gains you’re looking for.”

Meanwhile in related news…

A Nigerian social media comedian, Akinyoola Ayoola, popularly known as Kamo, has revealed that there are skit-makers who make more than $20,000 per month.

He made the revelation in an interview while talking about how lucrative skit-making is, adding that the craft may soon be added to University courses that people study.

Kamo, who has 436,000 followers on Instagram, also disclosed that he is working on launching an academy that will focus on teaching content creation to interested persons.

The social media personality, said; “Very soon, people would start studying comedy in the university. There are some skit makers that make $20,000 a month, while some make even more. There are only few professions that would pay one that much.

To be a part of the future in Nigeria, I am working on an academy that would be solely dedicated to content creation.”

The content creator also highlighted the major challenges they face in the industry, such as lack finance, cinematography and fear of rejection.