SS2 dropout poses in his car while sending warning message to girls asking him for school fees

A Senior Secondary school dropout has sent a public service announcement to girls that feel entitled to a man taking care of them.

He made a selfie video while inside his car and lashed out at girls who expect him to pay their school fees or sponsor their education.

The young boy said he dropped out of school in SS2 to hustle and make money because his parents could no longer afford to pay his fees.

He urged girls to not put their father under immense pressure if he is unable to pay their tuition. He went on to suggest that they can get work like petrol station attendant because not everybody is meant to have a degree.

He stressed that his message is specifically directed at girls because he knows the boys can hustle on their own without being told.

Watch the video HERE

In related news, a young Nigerian lady has been captured on tape shedding tears of sadness instead of tears of joy at her graduation.

She just bagged a first class degree from Rivers state university, but she was sad because she felt she might end up like her brother who remains unemployed despite graduating with distinction as well.

Her sister known as Weleski, shared the touching story and video on her Instagram page as she called for urgent attention to be given to the issue of brilliant minds remaining unemployed due to bad system in Nigeria.

In the clip, the 20-year-old graduate could be seen crying in her graduation gown while her sister was comforting her, saying she need not cry.

Welesky revealed that their brother graduated with a first class last year and has been unable to get a job since then.

She wrote; “Today is suppose to be a very happy day in my family but I am extremely heartbroken 💔. This is my younger sister, a 20 year old girl that have dedicated her entire life and worked soo hard by combining academics and being the back bone of my mother’s mini Resturant business just so we can survive.

First class graduate breaks down in tears for fear of staying unemployed like her brother who also bagged 1st class – first class graduate brother unemployed
I watch this young lady stay up almost all night to study just so she could make good grades like her immediate elder brother who also graduated with a first class Division from the Department of medical laboratory science. Today God has indeed answered our endless prayers and my girl has graduated with a First class Division and a CGPA of 4.80 from the Prestigious RIVERS STATE UNIVERSITY.

We had all vowed to make good grades so that We could free our parents from struggling and get retained by the university as lecturers, but today that dream cannot be seen coming forth 😞. Last year, my immediate younger brother who also graduated with a first class degree and was the Best graduating student from his department was promised by the Vice Chancellor of the university Professor Nlerum Sunday Okogbule under the encouragement and support of the Honourable Registrar of Medical laboratory science council of Nigeria (MLSCN) of an instant employment (lecturing job).

This promise and great news brought instant happiness and gave joy and fulfilment to my entire family, we were all happy and believed our dreams had finally come to pass but to our greatest surprise, he was denied the employment”