Speed Darlington in serious search of ‘powerful’ native doctor outside Lagos (Video)

Nigerian singer and rapper, Speed Darlington has announced that he is searching for a native doctor who is strong and powerful spiritually.

He said the herbalist must be based outside Lagos, because he believes that what he is looking for cannot be found in the state.

The US-based internet sensation, asked for anybody who can connect him directly with a powerful babalawo.

Speed Darlington in serious search of ‘powerful’ native doctor outside Lagos (Video)

Speed Darlington said he would pay the person that will take him to the place and would also handle the transportation.

According to him, if the herbalist can be found in Ogun, Osun or Ondo states, he is okay with so long as he is not in Lagos.

He stressed that his request was not a joke and was more than willing to pay for the time of the person who will help him locate the traditionalist, so long as their price is reasonable.

Speed Darlington said; “This is not a joke, this is a serious video. I dey look for Yoruba babalawo, very strong man. Somebody outside Lagos. What I am looking for I don’t believe it is in Lagos…

I am looking for direct contact, please if you can help me I will highly appreciate you…I am willing to pay for your time, you come here, carry me go and we return. I will pay for your time apart from the transport… Please help me”.

Watch the video below:


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