South African lady surprises her man by proposing at restaurant

The moment a young South African woman asked for her boyfriend’s hand in marriage has been captured on tape and stirred cause for excitement at a restaurant.

She went on a double date with friends and decided to organise a surprise proposal with the management of the establishment they went to.

A video making the rounds on social media captures when a waiter dropped a tray with a white ring box in front of the man, and moments later his girlfriend stood up amid screams and cheers.

The lady moved closer to him and went on her knees after which she brought out the ring and he accepted it. They sealed the engagement with a hug and soft kisses while the crowd kept cheering and whistling.

Watch video HERE

In reaction a user, @leliibaby wrote; a woman proposing to me would ruin my whole day

@sabelostorm; Ladies when they see that you’re working at transnet

@reesey456; Good for her, just outta genuine curiosity – who pays lobola in this case.

@mis_papaya; What in the church hug is going on here???

@Annie_Modiba; Yoh I’ll never propose to a man 😭😭that thing scared me

@LawrenceRamano; When brothers are moving slow, sisters will take over😂🤣😂

@fortunateozuyak; I can imagine the embarrassment for him, but hea common it’s a win win.

@villainguptas; It’s nice, but good when done by leader of relationship.

@Chibuleni; This is desperation at its highest order. The guy will never value her coz it wasn’t his decision to marry her if it leads to marriage. Men are predators not prey’s.