South African influencer known for flaunting ‘rich boyfriend’ confesses to funding his lifestyle

South African social media influencer, Mihlali Ndamase has made shocking revelations about her relationship with businessman Leeroy Sidambe.

The socialite who often gushed about how rich her man is and the gifts he surprises her with, has now claimed that she’s been the one funding him.

Mihlali made the disclosure after a video of Leeroy in Dubai surrounded by other women circulated on the internet on Thursday.

Mihlali Leeroy

She cleared the air through her Instagram page, saying they are no longer dating as she had long parted ways with the mogul.

Furthermore, the popular Youtuber he was owing her money because she paid for things when his card declined during her birthday trip to Mexico.

Mihlali wrote; “Don’t post in Dubai like you’re bosses when you owe me money bandla. Talking about catching flights and not feelings, who was coughing up money in Mexico when your card was declining? Lol. Don’t try me”.

She added; “It’s been chai, my angels. “I left that person in October. Ndine [I have] peace.”

Mihlali rich boyfriend

Meanwhile, Leeroy’s friend, Melusi, who was chilling with him and the exotic ladies in the viral video, dismissed Mihlali’s claims as untrue.

He wrote; “Don’t come with kak wena Mihlalu. I owe you nothing. If anything, you owe my company Tree of Life thousands of rand. I make more than you ever will young lady! Don’t *ck with me! I carry you and you don’t even know it”.

In response, Mihlali wrote: “I’ve been quiet, should’ve done the same before embarrassing yourself. Melusi I owe the business you claim to own thousands. Firstly, I don’t smoke … Don’t make me laugh.”

Mihlali Melusi Leeroy