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Some Visa-Free Countries In Africa Nigerians Can Go For Honeymoon



Africa happens to be a very beautiful continent. The second largest continent in terms of land mass. Africa is bounded to the Mediterranean sea to the north, the Atlantic ocean to the west, by the red sea to the northeast and by the Indian ocean to the southeast. A highly diversified continent with people of various skin color, culture and religions. A place to find the longest river (River Nile). The highest free-standing mountain (Mount Kilimanjaro), the lowest point on earth (Djibouti’s Lake Assal), the saltiest lake, safari and many more.

Africa is a huge place that everyone should explore. There is no  other place in the world like Africa. Africa has so many natural tourist attractions; for adventure, beaches, luxury hotels, culture, heritage and many more, Africa is the right place.

To avoid the stress of applying for visas  before traveling, these countries have made it easy. for some, it’s visa on arrival and for others, no visa is required for maximum of 90 days, of which your honeymoon may not last that long. Whichever you desire, they are all beautiful countries with wonderful tourist attractions and excellent luxury hotels.[AdSense-A]

Here’s a list of places  in Africa that wouldn’t require you getting a visa but have some of the most amazing honeymoon spots.

1. Mauritius

Mauritius is visa-free for 90 days. That is good news. Your honeymoon may not last that long, even though you wished it did. Beautiful sightseeing, wonderful tourist attraction. With over 20 best places to visit. Just the right place for a memorable vacation.

2. Mauritania

Mauritania has a diverse natural landscape with a great deal of attractions to explore. You can roam the deserted towns or visit beautiful desert-like national park. Visa is given on arrival.

3. Kenya

The home of wildlife animals like lions, rhinos and elephants. Plan a trip to visit the EQUATOR. For real. The equator also passes through Kenya. Get your feet on the equator. Visit the safari and see the beautiful side of Kenya. It is visa on arrival for 90 days.[AdSense-A]

4. Tanzania

Though visa on arrival, but has one of the most beautiful tourist attraction. Tanzania is blessed with the Serengeti National Park, a safari mecca populated with the ”big 5” game (leopards, rhinos, lion, elephant and buffalo) and home to Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. They have beautiful hotels too. Certainly no dull moment.

5. Seychelles

Seychelles requires visitor’s permit on arrival for one month. Seychelles is unique in its own way. Speak of coral reefs, over 100 beautiful beaches, home to rare species. People can hardly imagine this beauty about Africa, including Africans.

6. Djibouti

salt lake

Djibouti happens to be a very beautiful country. Tourist would ditch a visit to the red sea to visit the salt lake of Djibouti.
Favorable beaches and climate, the lowest point on earth, Lake Assal, extinct volcanoes,  salt lakes, sunken plains and many more. one of the best countries in Africa with beautiful sights to see. A place Nigerians would want to visit. Visa is given on arrival.[AdSense-A]

7. Mozambique

Mozambique has one of the best favorable climate, warm waters,  a dozen beaches and many more exciting tourist attractions in Mozambique. It is visa on arrival for 30 days.

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