Solomon Buchi teases those accusing him of marrying wife for British papers

Nigerian writer and social media influencer, Solomon Buchi has taken a swipe at people who claim he married his British-Nigerian wife, Arike Adeola for citizenship.

He broke silence through his Facebook page after being called out for allegedly choosing to marry her so that he could get papers.

Solomon Buchi British papers

Solomon mocked his critics and said even if what they claim is true, they should also try to do same if they think it is easy.

The ex-feminist shared some pictures of him with his wife, Arike and said people making such allegations should stare at them.

“I married her for papers? If it’s easy run it. Idol worshipers. Anyway, stare at those photos while you consume,” he wrote.

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Solomon Buchi British wife

In other news…

Afrobeats musician, Seun Kuti has advised Nigerians to not allow politicians, actors and musicians to direct their lives.

He took to his social media page and penned an eye-opening message that entertainers and political office holders are using the peoples resources and support to secure British and American citizenship for themselves and their children.

Seun said that when the people realise that they are being used by public figures who don’t want their children to mingle with the common man’s child then they will be sensible enough to stop letting them dictate the direction of their life.

He wrote; “When you realize that all your actors, musicians, influencers, comedians, politicians and business leaders are using your resources and support to become British and American citizens so their children don’t exist with yours maybe you will have sense enough to stop allowing them direct your life!!!”