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Soldier rearranges man’s face for putting his hand on his colleague’s shoulder (Video)



A man is most likely regretting his decision to interact with some military officers after a brutal treatment was meted out on him.

He put his hand on the shoulder of a soldier while talking to him and was immediately pounced on by the military officer’s colleague.

The Army man gave him a destabilising slap and queried him for touching the officer before landing another hot slap on his face.

Watch the video HERE

cleanwearsng; He think say na Boys Brigade

nwaosigwe; This is Really Heart Breaking

temitopeadeusi; Nigerian police and military have a wrong mindset . They think to become a military man means to oppress and behave as you like .

wizzeblog; This is assault na

kerry__mg; Why foreign soldiers no dey behave like this, na bcos say naija na jungle?

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