Social media users blast abroad-based Nigerian lady for mocking man who toasted her on the street (Video)

A lady living overseas shared a video of the interaction she had with a Nigerian admirer who approached her on the streets.

He stopped her while she was walking and said he likes her and would want them to start dating.

The man pleaded his case by telling the girl that he is a kind and nice guy even though they are meeting for the first time.

She, however, turned down his advances and subsequently used her video caption to make fun of him for approaching her.

When she declined his request, he insisted that he meant well and asked for her number but she remained adamant so he backed off and bade her farewell.

“This uncle was so unserious. be for real”, she captioned.

Social media users condemned her action and said she was very wrong for recording him.

Watch the video:

oyedunny; Later they will still cry about scarcity of men

lone_wolfe1; If he pulled up in a Ferrari she would not have recorded him, hypocrisy at its peak

mc_akonuche; So na y u record am come post for social media? How will you feel if he was assisting you with money and record it and post? This is v!olation of privacy and you can be sued for it

tashaswavey; Why record him…if u don’t want him..simply say no and walk off😒

adeleke_tido; Later una go talk say no man abroad 😂😂😂

reniquesfood; You recorded a man that was bold enough to walk up to you to express his feelings, so you can post him online to do what exactly? This my gender sometimes ehn 🤦‍♀️

beacon500; Why record him though? Even if you want to record him, why not blur his face?

i88music; All standards women set are thrown out of the window when they meet men that have money….😂

tms_for_love; Later una go dey cry say una nor get relationship for youkay but you keep turning them down

oyinniwura1; The guy is actually respectful towards her…I don’t know why she has to post his face on social media

omalichaijay; All these TikTok immature girls. You decided to record him and post him on social media. Why? That’s why men are in scarcity. The men aren’t feeling safe anymore. They go to the gym, problem, you approach a lady to express their feelings and desire of wanting a relationship with her, your are labelled as a perv or weird. What are these gen Z girls doing? They are just doing too much. And then they complain “there’s nothing in the streets “ the same streets that you ridiculed the men! Come on, if you can’t be anything at least be fucking for real.