Social media followers determined how actors get roles in Nollywood – Uzor Arukwe

Nigerian movie star, Uzor Arukwe has revealed that was a time in Nollywood when filmmakers picked actors for roles based on the number of their followers on social media.

He said as at when he started newly in the industry, mass social media followership and influence was one of the prerequisites for thespians to get movie roles from some producers.

Social media followers determined how actors get roles in Nollywood - Uzor Arukwe

Arukwe made this known in a recent chat with Pulse as he noted that people with talent were offline sidelines for those who had many followers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

The ‘A Tr!be Called Judah’ star admitted that it was a “big” challenge for him during his days as a struggling thespian.

He said; “I remember all so clearly when I started. It was a big problem for me. There was a time in this industry when it was mostly about Instagram and Twitter followers, and stuff like that.

I didn’t understand it but knew it was something I had to be at peace with, because a production house wants to hire you and they’re looking at your numbers. ‘But can he act?’ That is the question I always ask. But there are some people who are blessed who are fantastic actors who have numbers and they’ve been doing well.”

Meanwhile, in another news…

Uzor Arukwe once recounted an experience during his early days in the movie industry that made him vow to himself that he will become successful.

He said he was cast for a minor role and the call time was 9am but he arrived at the venue for the shoot by 8am, however, the lead actor did not show up until 1 pm.

The Nollywood star said his pay for the role was N10,000 and he went from Lagos Island to FESTAC for the shoot with the last money on him.

Arukwe wrote; “Call time was 9am. I got to set at 8am & they didn’t set up until 11am. The lead actor kept everyone waiting & didn’t get on set until 1pm. I waited all through with no food but the lead actor that came in after me got food immediately. I left around 11pm & still didn’t shoot.

The PM called me the next day asking me what rights I had to leave the set when they hadn’t shot my scene. The painful part was that I went from Island to Festac for the shoot with practically my last cash & the pay was 10k. O boy, eyes don see, but we thank God for grace.”