So I finally married in this life – Nigerian lady congratulates herself on becoming a wife (Video)

A Nigerian woman has celebrated herself for finally getting married after experiencing a tumultuous life as a spinster.

She recounted how people accused her of having bad character which was responsible for her inability to find a husband all through the years.

The lady said that the negative talks got to her to the extent that she started questioning and doubting her herself.

She said such things make a woman to lose moral and confidence and it is only one who is strong that can overcome.

But she said that now she’s married, she sometimes wakes up to look at her husband and her home and take pride in being the ‘madam of the house’.

Watch video below:

Meanwhile a Nigerian man identified as Tobi has narrated how he and his girlfriend got into a quarrel because of her male bestie.

He said he questioned her decision to have a man as a friend when she already has a boyfriend and she accused him of being insecure.

Tobi explained that she has a high libido which he could not satisfy, and though he did not catch her with the bestie, he suspects something is happening because she visits him often.

According to him, they’ve been together for six months and he did all he could to match her energy in the bedroom but he could not keep up.

Tobi said she started to withdraw slowly and at some point, anytime he calls his babem she explains that she paid a visit to the male bestie.

He wrote; “You already have a boyfriend, why do you need a male bestie?”

That was the innocent question I asked my babe, then she got angry and started throwing tantrums, telling me I’m “Insecure”. Yes Amanda, I’m insecure, and it’s because I’m madly in love with you.

I am not cool with this male bestie thingy. I love Amanda so much, I don’t want to share her with anyone. She’s an all-round package, physically, socially, spiritually & se**ally.

Yes se$$ually! It has been like that for the past 6 months. But recently, son of man can no longer match her energy, 2 rounds like this, I don tire!

I thought I was Starboy, I never knew I was Amoshine. 😭 She.. …noticed and complained. I tried explaining to her that my body is going through a process, so for now all I can offer is more of foreplay while we cuddle to sleep.

She said “cool” and we started doing all…..that. I never knew she wanted more. 😢

She started to withdraw slowly. If I call she’ll tell me she has gone to see her bestie. Talo ní bestie oshi… Abi àyè bestie yí fẹ́ bàjé ni?