So I dey date ashawo – Man breaks down in tears after catching girlfriend waiting for client by roadside (Video)

A video which surfaced on social media shows when a Nigerian man broke down after he caught his girlfriend working as a call girl at night.

He saw her standing by the roadside alongside other girls waiting for customers to show up and pick them up. The boyfriend confronted her and was totally disappointed to learn the type of work she does.

The lady went down on her knees to beg him for forgiveness after her man took of her wig and her colleagues were also pleading on her behalf.

He was going through a mixture of anger and sadness which made him to burst into tears while berating her. He found it hard to believe that his girlfriend was into prostitution and mentioned that he’s been spending on her.

The man’s friend was also trying to comfort him as he squatted and bent his head in shame while crying.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile in other news…

A married man identified as Bolarin, has narrated how his last relationship ended after he caught his girlfriend in another man’s car.

The 36-year-old said he was returning from work when he spotted her in someone else’s vehicle, and it was a shock because she earlier informed him that she was traveling to see her family in Kaduna.

He explained that he was initially not certain that it was her so he trailed the car till he got the confirmation he was looking for. Bolarin said he called her phone later and asked to speak with one of her siblings but she gave a flimpsy excuse.

During their next meeting, he opened up to her that he knows about everything that happened and she begged for forgiveness. He acted like he forgave her just so that he have time to could plan a perfect revenge for cheating on him.

The guy said he started dating another lady while still with the girl and after five months of courtship, he promised and married the new lady. He said that the day she called to confront him for the deception, he decided to block her on all platforms.

He wrote; I was coming back from work one day when I sighted my ex in another man’s car. At first, I doubted she was the one because she departed from my house that day to visit her family in Kaduna. I unsuspiciously followed the car until I confirmed that it was her. I called her later to ask about her journey and to give one of her siblings the phone so I could greet him. She gave me an excuse that I would have believed if I didn’t see her earlier.

The next time we met, I told her everything and she begged for my forgiveness. I had already broken up with her in my mind but I couldn’t let her go without making her feel the pain I felt. I started dating another lady while I was still putting my ex on a 3-legged chair. I proposed to the new lady publicly after 5 months and we are now married. I blocked her everywhere the day she called to talk about it.