Smart woman updates hubby’s WhatsApp DP after realising he’s cheating with colleague

A Nigerian woman, Akanbi Semilore, has revealed that she found out her husband was having an affair with his co-worker.

She took to microblogging site, Twitter to share what she did to ruin their secret affair because she believes her hubby lied to his female colleague that he is single.

The woman waited for him to return from work on one fateful day, so after he ate dinner and went to bed, she exposed him through WhatsApp.

Semilore disclosed that she changed her partner’s WhatsApp display picture to an image of him carrying their child, before she went to bed.

She tweeted; “My husband was seeing his colleague in his office. He probably lied to her he is single. He came back, ate his diner and slept off while chatting. Changed his WhatsApp profile picture to my picture carrying his baby and went to bed. Man came back next day, rejected my food “.

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In reaction, @auntylamide said; Can I ask how you felt when you saw it and why you chose to stay?

@JonNjogu said: Honestly I love women who act this way.

@Nurudee38611704 said; Poor man, do you know what he had invested in that colleague?

@Tbillion40 reacted; Happily talking about how your husband cheated on you is hard.

@H_abibah said: Awww, you’re such a sweet woman.

@MideTrailz said: Wisdom is profitable to guide…. You are a wise woman.

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