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Small-Scale Farming Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

Farming has been in existence since the beginning of time because it concerns an important aspect of life’s need which is food. To start farming business in Nigeria is often seen as a tedious and tasking work especially because of the capital needed to purchase the crop seeds or animals, and equipment.

However, there are small scale farming businesses that do not require an elaborate set up nor do you have to possess millions to operate. People have been trying to figure out which of these categories of farming they can delve into with their little capital, so in no particular order we will list six small scale farming business ideas.

1. Maize Farming

Maize has its season in Nigeria, but it often garners huge patronage whenever the harvesting and sale begins across the country. Maize also called corn, can be consumed in its raw form after boiling or roasting. It is also used in the production of several commodities in the food and health industries, such as flour and corn syrup.

Because maize is a seasonal crop, it needs to be properly preserved in storage facilities. To start a maize farm you could use the land at the back of your house. An agro entrepreneur can use N100,000 to get the seeds and few farming tools like hoe and cutlass.

2. Palm Oil Production

To start palm oil business as a retailer you will need between N100,000 to N200,000. For a guide on the areas where it can be done with easy access, oil palm trees are predominantly found in the southern region, e.g. Bayelsa, Delta, Cross River, Rivers, and Imo states.

According to a report, Nigeria was the 5th largest producer of palm oil and its by products in 2020, this translates to it being a very lucrative business. It is important to note that palm oil production can be labour intensive but if one uses the right mechanical tools, it can be produced in commercial volumes daily.

3. Vegetable Farming

Every tribe in Nigeria uses vegatable to prepare one type of soup or stew because it is a very essential ingredient due to its nutritional value and the flavour its adds to meals.

If you wish to start producing and selling vegetables in small scale, an average of N100,000 to N120,000 capital is needed. Examples of vegetables you could also produce are; cucumber, cabbage, carrots, fruited pumpkin and okra.

4. Mushroom Farming

This is one of the most underrated lucrative agricultural businesses in Nigeria. Mushroom farming is a low-capital business with minimal risk. It is a healthy alternative to meat for vegetarians and vegans.

If you don’t already have farmland, getting a small one will cost about N500,000. But the cost of operations is around N100,000, which will be used to purchase the basic equipment.

Mushrooms are recommended by doctors because it is rich in niacin, a vitamin which aids digestion as well as riboflavin and pantothenic acid which protect the heart.

5. Dates Farming

Dates are mostly found in the northern part of Nigeria. They are fruits which are eaten for their sweet taste and benefits. Dates are usually produced in Adamawa, Katsina, Sokoto, Bauchi state, etc.

Dates farming is a great yet highly untapped agricultural business. The success of this business lies in exporting your fruits and you can also distribute them to hotels and restaurants, where people buy in retail.

6. Agro-blogging Business

Agro blogging is a break away from the usual crop production and selling initiative as you do not necessarily have to have a piece of land or raw materials to venture into this area.

This is a new way of making money from the agricultural sector as you get to create insightful modern blog content which will help farmers, agro-entrepreneurs and investors with vital information on farming strategies, changes in the methodology and other groundbreaking opportunities.

You stand to make a lot of money if you do ample research or share your personal farming experiences, ideas and tips.

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