Skit-maker, Ashmusy buys N9.5m diamond encrusted wristwatch

Nigerian content creator, Amarachi Amusi, popularly known as Ashmusy has revealed that she splashed millions on a Cartier wristwatch.

She said the diamond encrusted watch costs 9.5 million naira and it was ordered from a luxury jeweler who delivered it to her home.

Skit-maker, Ashmusy buys N9.5m diamond encrusted wristwatch

Ashmusy shared a video on social media showing when her supplier arrived at her residence with the timepiece.

The man put the wristwatch on her hand and used a diamond tester to ascertain if it was original and the indicator showed full green, which was a positive.

The Instagram comedian then boasted about only buying original accessories. Ashmusy also got a set of diamond earrings to go with the watch.

See the clip below:


Mixed reactions trailed the post…

feyifoluwaobanla; Pls which work is she doing abeg. I need to work too, am not lazy. I want to spoil my self too. But am proud be Jesus baby. So mind the work you recommend for me.

classic_barbie222; People Dey break record .. this one Dey here Dey disturb… wear your watch in peace! Today is all about hilda please

paulagram__; Big yansh is the fastest cash out now on Instagram 😂😂😂😂😂😂

rapxodee_media; Ur mate daa cook u daa here daa make noise shiooor

jo3y_cracki3; Idan, your mates with better body natural de cook for almost 5days now u carry Maggie full for yansh come the shake for here.

morr.isjoseph; Thank u very much Dino

oluwabukola693; Where Una Dey see this money 😩🤲make Una share update ooo

harry_wilson123456789; Nah ur mate dey break record so which hard work we know the work already.

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