Skit-maker, Amarachi denies that she and her friend are Dino Melaye’s side chics

Instagram comedienne, Amarachi Amusi aka Ashmusy, has denied being in a relationship with former senator, Dino Melaye.

Popular blogger, Gistlovers, made the claim in a post on Instagram, adding that Ashmusy and her friend, Nons Miraj are both Dino’s mistresses.

The blog shared a photo mix of the trio and claimed that he is the one sponsoring their celebrity lifestyle.

However, when Ashmusy came across the post, she allegedly sent a DM to Gistlovers who then posted screenshots of their chat.

The skit-maker denied ever meeting or knowing Din Melaye personally and said the report was just to chase clout.

Ashmusy wrote; “Lies upon lies I don’t even know Dino personally. Never ever met him in my lifetime!!!! God forbid such a terrible lie. Just for clout.”

But Gistlovers maintained the allegation and stressed that the content creator was only trying to fool her ‘gullible’ followers.

The post read; “Shey you dey whine me ni, you want dey use advert take cover up, be like you new for Instagram, if you like be my vendor till tomorrow if your matter reach my table on God I go serve am hot , enough of this debunking madness, enough already, shey because I don dey look all of una, una go do something Dey ask for proof, shebi I mount cctv inside the room wey Dino carry una enter now , abi enshiere, some of them will even curse , cry, do all sort, no be so Destiny Etiko do wey truth later come out, that one even use her mama swear, mercy eke nko, wo e plenty.

I no fit just wake up one morning join pictures , it is what it is, you dey post half chat for your page , Omo yibo make thunder no fire that your sponge Bob yansh ooo, abi Ori eh Daru ni, you all can lie and debunk to your followers and fans not me , wait first oo, never run , I dey come.”