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Six-year-old boy caught on tape reverse-parking a car by himself (Video)



A young boy has wowed people offline and online after he was spotted parking a car as if he’s an adult.

In a video which has gone viral, the six-year-old boy was reverse parking the silver coloured grey saloon car like a professional driver.

The incident reportedly occurred in Tennessee, USA and it had people making funny remarks.

In the footage, some men could be heard repeating; ”Lil n**ga”

Watch the video:

Reacting, @the_ghostmen; Still better parking then 99.1991 % of most woman.

@a1exaii; why the dudes in the back remind me of the seagulls in finding Nemo

@hoodrich_miya; my son asf “boy park this car while I run in here real quick”

@illbynas; This edited there’s no way

@Mr_JOHNNNY; Omo i swear America is really a place i want to visit

@briaxx; I’m up in here cryinggg

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