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Six men mysteriously go missing after unknowingly traveling for fake burial ceremony in Imo

A Nigerian man, Chuks Dave, has shared a chilling story of a group of friends who went missing after honouring an invitation for a burial ceremony.

He said a man invited no less than five friends to follow him to Imo state for the burial of his father who died recently.

However, three weeks after they departed, they are all yet to return and their whereabouts remain unknown, including the supposed grieving friend.

Dave said it was later discovered that the man’s father died a long time ago, and his friends were unaware of this before accepting to travel with him for the funeral in Imo.

He said; “Nigeria is somehow. So this dude asked his friends to follow him to his village for his dad’s burial. They are engaged a minibus and left for Imo. It’s almost 3 weeks now and nothing. All vanished.

It turns out the dude isn’t from Imo State and his dad had died long ago.”

In reaction, @coco_coochey said; Is the host missing too?

@Chuks_Dave replied; “All of them. Nobody has heard from him including the wife.”

@NgoziPreshy commented; Mayb he is a ghost and carried his frds . Omo

In response, @Chuks_Dave said; “If he’s involved why abandon a wife and children? The whole thing is confusing.”

@emekaezebuife also said; There is no way you can tell this kind of story with such magnitude without a picture of them or their names. Stop using things like this for clout chasing so people will know when to take things serious. This nonsense clout chasing must stop.

@Abelpter; So his friends don’t know anything about him? Or any of his relative like nothing? Where did they meet then? How do more than 5 men follow someone to the village for a suppose father burial when obviously they know very little about him? The story doesn’t make sense.

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported that a young man, Izuchukwu Mbakwe was shot dead by a member of an Abia State Vigilante group.

The 27-year-old employee of De Choice Eatery in Umuahia was alleged to have stolen a phone which belongs to the company.

The Punch reports that the vigilante shot the deceased at close range on his lap on Sunday, March 26, resulting in his death.

It was gathered that Mbakwe, a native of Umuosu Okaiuga Nkwoegwu in Umuahia North Local Government, arrived for his normal duties at work when the Internal Auditor summoned vigilante officials to arrest him.

The auditor claimed that the young man was the prime suspect in the disappearance of a company-owned “Nokia Torch.”

Eyewitnesses said the vigilante men, in a fit of overzealousness stripped Mbakwe and beat him to a coma.

He was consequently shot at close range with a Pump Action Rifle, which injured his Femoral Artery. The victim was rushed to FMC Umuahia for treatment, where he died just as he was about to be referred to a specialist hospital.