Six men die mysteriously after allegedly drinking friend’s alcohol in Ogun

Six men have reportedly died mysteriously after drinking local gin allegedly served by a friend at a bar joint in Ogun State.

It was gathered that the incident occurred in Ogbogbo community, Ijebu-North East Local Government Area of the state on Tuesday, where seven friends had gathered for merry-making.

Six persons were said to have drank the alcohol died, except the man who supplied the drink from his house but did not drink from it. Sources said that while at the spot, the six deceased and the suspect had earlier engaged in an argument, which was later settled.

As a way of ensuring that they mend fences and move on, the suspect reportedly went home to get the bottle of local gin, which he reportedly gave them to consume. Few hours after they all went to their separate homes, news filtered in that two of the friends died while four others were hospitalised.

A source said; “The other four persons died the following day. Six people have been confirmed dead. The whereabouts of the man who brought the alcohol is yet to be known.”

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Omolola Odutola who confirmed the incident, said; “I just confirmed something like that occurred, but the families said they are not pressing charges and prefer to bury their dead”.

Meanwhile in another news…

A Nigerian man, Chuks Dave, has shared a chilling story of a group of friends who went missing after honouring an invitation for a burial ceremony.

He said a man invited no less than five friends to follow him to Imo state for the burial of his father who died recently. However, three weeks after they departed, they are all yet to return and their whereabouts remain unknown, including the supposed grieving friend.

Dave said it was later discovered that the man’s father died a long time ago, and his friends were unaware of this before accepting to travel with him for the funeral in Imo.

He said; “Nigeria is somehow. So this dude asked his friends to follow him to his village for his dad’s burial. They are engaged a minibus and left for Imo. It’s almost 3 weeks now and nothing. All vanished. It turns out the dude isn’t from Imo State and his dad had died long ago.”

In reaction, @coco_coochey said; Is the host missing too?

@Chuks_Dave replied; “All of them. Nobody has heard from him including the wife.”

@NgoziPreshy commented; Mayb he is a ghost and carried his frds . Omo

In response, @Chuks_Dave said; “If he’s involved why abandon a wife and children? The whole thing is confusing.”