Single mother ends up hawking doughnuts despite graduating with first class

A Ghanaian woman with a first class degree has resorted to making and selling doughnuts on the streets due to scarcity of jobs for graduates.

The mother-of-two identified as Priscilla Akwagu, revealed that she used to sell the snack before going to school but after graduation she was forced to return to the same business to fend for her family.

Speaking in an interview, she said she finished from the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), and completed her national service as a teaching assistant, but the woman had to return to her hometown to continue hawking buffloaf because it is her ”only source of income for now”.

Priscilla said the small business she took over from her mother allows her to navigate through Ghana’s unemployment situation and it helps her take care of her two girls as well as settle their debt.

”I started hawking in Kumasi. I used to sell sugarcane and worked at a chop bar,” she added.

The woman gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 17 and was abandoned by the man responsible, but she braced up and began her secondary education when she reached 21.

When she finished from high school, she Priscilla enrolled in the university to pursue a Ghanaian language degree, while still working.

Despite juggling her academics with work, she graduated with a first-class and made headlines due to her sterling achievement.

Speaking on the challenge in she experiences, Priscilla lamented about soaring prices of flour, vegetable oil, and essential ingredients which are making it difficult to get good profit.

”Flour was GH¢24, but when I returned, it’s now GH¢500. The business needs some branding and more people to join. I have it in mind.

Where I’m currently frying now belongs to someone. So the person fries in the morning, in the afternoon I will also go. I use firewood; when it’s raining, it’s so pathetic; I have to be in the rain and be frying. I don’t even have a place for myself as I fry by the roadside. But you know, if you don’t have funds, you have to manage the little that you have.”