Singer, Majeed knocks TG Omori for charging him N90m to shoot music video

Rising Nigerian singer, Majeed has raised some dust online over the amount that popular music video director, TG Omori charged him.

He revealed that the Boy Director demanded a fee of N90 million ($100,000) from his team to shoot a video for one of his songs.

Majeed made this known through his official Twitter account and used laughing emojis to suggest that he found the fee amusing.

The ‘Smile For Me’ singer tweeted; “Just remembered that TG charged my team $100k to shoot a music video for me… 90 million naira 😂😂😂”

When asked if they paid, Majeed replied; “I for no even gree if them wan pay.”

This is not the first time Omori is being called out over the amount he charges artistes who approach him to handle their video shoot.

Street-hop artiste, Portable has dragged him online for the same matter, and his relationship with rapper, Blaqbonez went sour as a result of his ”outrageous” fee.

Meanwhile in other news…

ThankGod Jesam Omori aka TG Omori claimed that Hip Hop star, Emeka Akumefule also known as Blaqbonez, is using the beef with him to stay relevant in the music industry.

The videographer said that Blaqbonez’s career has skyrocketed since he started exchanging bants with him online.

The cordial relationship between two of them went sour after the rapper complained of the fee that Omori charged him to direct the music video of his hit song ‘Back In Uni’, so he decided to shoot it by himself.

But in a chat on the episode of the Zero Conditions podcast, Omori said he is comfortable with Blaqbonez banting him on social media as long as he doesn’t go beyond boundaries.

He said; “Blaqbonez is just trying to use me to prosper. And he is my guy, so I will let him shine. ‘Emeka must shine.’

“Blaqbonez’s biggest video was the TG Omori’s banter; ‘Back In Uni.’ Everybody was trying to watch the video because he added TG. If you can’t afford TG Omori, you use TG Omori’s name.

“It’s understandable. He is my guy; not like we hang out or something. But so long as he has not been disrespectful to me, let the young n*gga shine. His career has gone up since the whole banter thing, I told him to give me 10%. But I would let it slide because we rise by lifting others.”