Singer, BNXN’s girlfriend buys N1.9m iPhone for him

Nigerian music star, Daniel Benson, popularly known as BNXN, has revealed that the iPhone 14 he is currently using was purchased for him by his girlfriend.

He said his now ex-girlfriend known as Peggy bought the phone for him when they were still dating, and it was out of jealousy.

According to Buju, a female friend first bought an iPhone for him and when his girlfriend found out, Peggy decided to buy him a new one worth N1.9 million so he would discard the other.

The Kenkele singer made the revelation in a trending video as he showed off the expensive smartphone and replied to a friend’s post.

His pal expressed amazement at how caring and financially buoyant his girlfriend must have been for her to buy such an expensive phone for him because it is mostly underwear girls gift their boyfriends in this part of the world.

In response, BNXN implied that there are different levels of women in society and his woman is part of the higher cadre.

However, in the video, the award-winning singer cried out after his phone fell down and the screen cracked. He wondered which girl will get a new one now that he’s single since ‘most of you are hungry’.

Watch the clip below:

Reacting, IG user db_naturals_ said; Actually women go extra mile when they are in love and treated well

viola_concept; Women do a lot but becos they want their frnds to think they hv a spending man , they will carry all the glory give the man. U will see someone saying “thank u baby for this and that , the same man she is feeding 😂😂

virtually.an.angel; Women are low key doing these things.If you meet the right one and treat her right, you’ll see it’s no big deal

vendorsinlagosng; But you had her and still went to cheat with the one that buys boxers and singlet 🤷🏼‍♀️… y’all men don’t even know what you want tbh 🤷🏼‍♀️

stanbnx; Some people are saying she used his money to buy him the phone… The fact is that the lady has a good heart, some ladies would never do it, no matter how much you give them, Give her some accolades.

reshapeme_nig; Just treat a woman right, and she would move mountains for you if need be . A woman would do you a favour she’s 100% sure you’d reciprocate if the tables were turned. Abeg enough of love matter, i dey find fuel 😂

iamsheila_; Normally,women dey spend for who dey love oo💯 ..women have money,Na u Dey no just like.