Signs a girl you are not in a relationship with is in love with you

Signs a girl you are not in a relationship with is in love with you

How can you tell if a girl likes you? Sometimes girls find themselves crushing on guys and it leaves them in an awkward situation in most cases as they find it embarrassing to shoot their shot. However, they would always act and show some signs that will tell you that she is craving for you. In this article, I will be talking about 5 of the signs girls show when they are in love with you.

1. Enjoys Touching You

Have you taken note of how you feel when you are around someone you dislike intensely? Have you thought of how you would feel if this person were to be holding and caressing your arms? Disgusting right? Yea… That is because touch is enjoyed when it is from a person you have feelings for.

Also, touch is a sign that can tell you whether a girl likes you or not. You can know if a girl likes you by closely observing how she touches you and how she feels after she has touched you.

If she likes you, she will enjoy touching your arms, she may put her arm around your waist when you compliment her, she may put her arm around your shoulders sometimes, or she may laugh with delight when she hugs you.

Additionally, she may hug you for little things, such as when she is greeting you, telling you an emotional story, or just because “she feels you need a hug.”

2. Body Language

She will look at you with a gleam in her eye. She will try to draw close to you whenever you are both in a group of people.

Her face, feet, and legs will point towards you most of the time when she is around you.

3. Consistent Eye Contact

If she looks at you intently, she is trying to figure out whether you get the signal that she is interested in you and whether she will have to show overt signs for you to become aware of her feelings for you. Additionally, if your face wanders and falls on her face and she tries to maintain eye contact with you, she is definitely interested in you.

Furthermore, if she has a habit of sweeping her eyes over your whole face and then centring her gaze on one spot, such as your lips or your eyes, she is attracted to you and wants to get to know you better.

4. Nervous When She Is Around You

If she laughs nervously when you crack a joke, if she fidgets, she looks restless and unsettled, she sweats a lot, her voice quavers when she speaks to you, she breathes heavily and quickly in your presence, or her hands shake when you ask her to pass something on to you, she may like you and you can take your chances to develop a close relationship with her.

5. Her Friends Would Tease her When You Are With Her

If her close friends know she is interested in you, they might tease her subtly when you are with her, they may give you hints that she likes you, or they may try to find out if you like her.

So, watch them closely to see whether they laugh at you when there is nothing to laugh about or whether they smile in a way that suggests they are hiding something from you, which are all signs they are excited about a possible love affair between the two of you.


Some of the signs that will help you to know if a girl likes you are that she will like touching you, she will express delight when you touch her, she will do her best to draw close to you when she is in your company, and she will be jittery when she is around you.


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    Ti-oblong 12 months ago

    I believe u bro naija gals can fake it très bien

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    Edidiong 12 months ago

    I have got all this signs from someone, but when i finally approached, she said “NO”