Show me the way – Salo calls out Cute Abiola after finding out he owns multiple houses (Video)

Nigerian Influencer, Salo has called on comedian, Cute Abiola to give him the secret to making money and owning houses.

He claimed to have found out that Cute Abiola built and bought different houses in Lekki area of Lagos state and he owns a range of luxury cars.

According to him, the former Naval officer is wealthy but he lives a modest life in public so that people will not know his true worth.

Salo went on TikTok live and demanded that Cute Abiola should show him the way to being as wealthy as he is. He claimed that Abiola uses him to create content and refused to help despite pleas.

He said that just three people show him love and the only celebrity who supports him is rapper, Zlatan who frequently reposts his content on social media.

Watch video below:

Reacting, official_aniks said; Entitled human being 😂 cuteabiola worked for himself, you no fit hustle na only to come online and rant about unnecessary issues

deola2222; This guy na portable blood brother…

princessk054; Abeg no show this werey way oh……E go cast u say na r#tual u dey do oh….or e fit even say na k#dn#pp#r u be sef if e don smoke him igbo / weed😂😂😂

samuelolufemi5; He said Tookut Abiola. You don’t pronounce his name very well but you are expecting him to help you.

bad4nothing_gram; Those 3people you call some people fit manage them and be successful in life 👏👏#all man for himself

_bigdesire; See watin portable cause… Well this is just the beginning more of them go come out from their shells 🐚 soon

iam_rome47; Is he your father to show you way?? this guy is very very saucy and aggressive oga if you are begging for help humbly beg cry let people know you are begging for help and help you don’t come online and brag as if you have something and you are nothing.

Meanwhile a Nigerian lady simply known as Kemi, has said she no longer buys gifts for men due to what she observed which is that they are unappreciative.

She took to her Twitter page and shared past experiences with two of her former boyfriends in a bid to drive home her point.

Kemi said she bought a shirt for one of her exes only for her to visit his house some other day and see that he has turned it to rag.

She also narrated how she gifted another boyfriend a birthday cake but he gave out the pastry to his neighbours in her presence.

According to her, these incidents are what formed the basis for her decision and ever since then she has not given a single gift to any man.

Kemi tweeted; ”I stopped buying gift for men since my two worst experiences. I got a tshirt for the first one and the next time I visited, it was his rag, I got a birthday cake for the second one and he gave it out to his neighbors in my presence. Ever since then I vowed never to get men gifts.”

When netizens started lambasting her, saying it was a lousy reason for not giving her boyfriends anything, she replied; ”Everyone trying to defend what’s not and I can’t reply to all so I will just put this here. Regardless of what ever.. those things costs me money. A little gratitude would go a long way even if it’s pretending.”

When @emmofie asked; So if they have been buying you iPhones, bags, shoes, expensive hangouts they should jump up because you bought them a N700 tshirt?

@TheOnlyKemi said; “For your information, they have never given me a penny.. and no it wasn’t 700 naira T-shirt, I’m not your cheap girlfriend.”