Shocking moment man slapped armed soldier for flogging him (Watch video)

A video which left many people in shock captures the unexpected moment a man acting on impulse slapped a military officer.

The soldier could be seen punishing three men by the roadside for an unknown offense by asking them to do frog jump in one spot.

However, as the trio were serving the punishment, the armed officer started flogging one of them on his head and it angered him to the point that he launched a slap at the army man.

In reaction, he cracked his gun in an attempt to shoot and the man immediately took to his heels, thereby causing the drama to result in a hot pursuit.

Interestingly, the other two men who were also serving punishment remained in the same spot as the unfolding events seemed to have stunned them.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, @TomiwaIsrael; The guy suppose not to run… Once you know that the army is holding gun and already set it to fire move closer to him he can’t shoot the guy with close range..

@ChiemelieEze; Silly when your best plan is to run. This may not be Nigeria, may be one of these comedy people, or he just lucky that soldier have conscience.

@commissier; The guys should have stayed and finished him off. That’s how I like my own rebellion. Those other guys should have just moved on with their lives. The myth has been demystified.

@timrhymes1; I remember this video. I guess it happened in 2020.

@UgoGod63; @OluchukwuMaduk; Please what happened later

@OtikEfe; Wait! Those other two stand dey wait wen dem suppose take off too.? What if that soldier No catch that guy??? These two go finish o 😂

@Mr_Salmz; It’s the other guys still standing there for me though… Osoooor!

@Emmanue99947202; Fela- police man go slap your face you no go talk, army man go wip you yansh you go dey look like Dondi – the narrative don change, this is last Nigeria.