She used to mock my height – Nigerian man marries his high school class captain

A Nigerian man has gotten married to a woman who was his class captain in Junior secondary school (JSS1).

Hon Danjo revealed that he and his wife didn’t have a cordial relationship when they were still in school. As a matter of fact she mocked him for his height, and bringing local delicacy to school.

She used to mock my height – Nigerian man marries his high school class captain

He said she once wrote his name in the list of noisemakers on a day that he was sent home for owing school fees and their teacher flogged him when he hat they met several years later and kicked things off from there.

The young man said their marriage which is in its fifth year came as a big shock to people from their school including their former principal who had to attend to confirm.

Danjo took to microblogging site, Twitter and shared some beautiful wedding photos of him and his wife.

She used to mock my height – Nigerian man marries his high school class captain

He wrote; “She was the class captain when we were in JSS1. Mocked me for bringing Eko and MoinMoin to school for lunch. Hates me because I was short&troublesome. One day, I was sent home for school fees so was not in school. Teacher told her to write noisemakers list. She wrote my name x100

I wasn’t allowed to explain to the teacher that I wasn’t in school. how can I be a noisemaker. They flogged me like thief. Met her years later, and we kicked it off. I have been flogging her since then, I have two beautiful receipts to show for it. 😅😅😅😅😜😜😜😜

When we released our pre wedding pictures. It was hard to believe. It was the weirdest who got married to who. Our principal back then had to attend the wedding to confirm all is well. It’s been a love. We will be 5 years together in October.”

Reacting, @Dharmmie001 said; But how did you take eko and moinmoin to school too?😂😂

@Hon_Danjo replied; Na left over of Sunday night food. They gave me money for food. I still packed eko and MoinMoin.

@killerswanky03; You later became her spec because you made money, fear women

@Hon_Danjo said; Lol, that’s not the reason. We met again when I didn’t have anything. Anything worth holding on to.

@Ayo_bami007; Eko and moi-moi does not mean you are poor. It’s our own bread & tea. Nigerians downgrade themselves by not appreciating their culture. Making moi-moi now is a luxury. That being said, I’m happy you are married with the love of your life.

@Hon_Danjo responded; We weren’t poor by all standards. We were young and it was a private school. It’s just weird bringing eko and moin moin to school at the time.

@Haji288; Apparently, she loved you all along just couldn’t express it…!!!

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