She earns more – Man appreciates his woman for stylishly passing her card for him to pay at restaurant (Watch video)

A Caucasian lady has been captured on tape rising up to take over the responsibility of handling the bill during an outing with her man.

The couple went for a date at a restaurant and when they were done eating the waiter brought the bill to their table.

The man looked into his wallet and saw that it was empty, however, his lover already realised that he could ot cover the bill, so she had brought out her card and slipped it to him in a discreet manner.

She put the card in between her toes and placed her leg in between his thighs on the chair, so he grabbed the card and placed it on the table for the waiter.

It was revealed that the lady makes more money than her man so he was very appreciative of her thoughtful action.

“When the waiter hands you the bill but she makes more than you,” the caption read.

Watch the video below:

In related news, an African American man has revealed that since he started dating his girlfriend 10 months ago, he’s been the one paying all her bills.

He said that his salary is three times more than her own so he vowed to never let her handle any of her bill payment.

According to the boyfriend, his babe has now cleared her student loans, improved her credit score and he loves that she is living comfortably at is expense.

He wrote; I make over 3x what my girl makes and she pays zero bills. In the 10 months we’ve dated, she’s paid off her student loans, beefed up her emergency funds, and improved her credit score. Love that for her.

“What if she leave you?” Door is wide open 🤷🏾‍♂️

I was raised to always leave places, jobs, and people in better shape than when I first met them so if she did leave, I’ll be perfectly fine.

I add value to others b/c it’s who I am, not b/c I want or expect something in return.

“What does she do for you?”

“What does she bring to the table?”

Don’t worry about it. Focus on being someone with values and character. You’ll then attract the kind of partner who will uplift you spiritually so can accomplish your goals and bring home the spoils.

Reacting, @Statetolake said; That’s wassup my nigga fr but they gon drag me for this but I have to ask. What’s the point of y’all being together if she does nothing for you? Ppl saying that’s how you build but what is she adding? I’m seriously curious

@jcrxci; Lol why do you think if a woman doesn’t pay bills, she’s not bringing anything to the table? I’m seriously curious.