She advised me to leave him – Lady in shock as she discovers her friend is marrying her ex

A South African lady has revealed the heartbreaking discovery she made about her friend who gave her relationship advise.

She said that her friend advised her to breakup with the man she was dating and she listened to her.

Taking to her Twitter page, the young woman with username @_pretty100 said she discovered that the two of them are getting married.

Her revelation stirred reactions from netizens with some telling her to learn a lesson from what happened.

She tweeted; “I was shocked to discover that my friend is Marrying the Man she Advised me to break up with.”

Reacting, @I_Am_Winter said; Sorry, let’s shock her by getting married to each other.

@DaTuffAngel; What made you listen to her? Friend?

@TMabotse; My ex gf’s friend who was bad influence in our relationship from her side slid into my DMs after we broke up. Her reason is that she was just checking on me. Wow!!

@RobertTshikhudo; Good for her. Trust you would have leant that relationship doesn’t have third party insurance cover

@SidwellXhamela1; You put your whole trust on someone you were not supposed to share your marital affairs with, its fair to say you made your bed now sleep on it.

@mlatja10; What was the reason your friend advised you to break up with him? Her marrying him may not change the fact that breaking up with him was the right thing to do, for you

@sifisokuhle__;It happened to me 🤣🤣🤣 my friend has a child with a girl he advised me to dump.

@lunga_manoni; As old as you are how can you let someone else control your feelings,if the guy was not treating you bad what made you to listen to your friend

@StraussBeat_SA; 🤣🤣😂😂Women don’t listen. Never take advise from your friends regarding dating, rather talk with mom or social workers. 90% of the time theu are jealous 🤷‍♂️😂🤣

@its_skoma; Do yall remeber that story on a TV of a friend who stole their friend’s bf bcz she always talked abt him too much and shared all details of sex? Yah she went on that show to tell her friend she is dating her bf bcz she talked too much abt him tht she got attracted to fckn him too

@thasolep; She Saw that the man was right for her and wrong with you. (mostly of you are losing good man because of your friends opinion and you shouldn’t do that take your own decisions based on your instinct.