Shame on you – Pastor fumes at church members for dropping N100 as offering (Video)

A Nigerian clergyman has lashed out at members of his church over the amount of money they dropped as offering.

He said it is shameful that they are giving the Almighty N100 and N20 considering that the church buys 20 litres of fuel which it uses for every service.

The pastor who spoke in Igbo language berated them for not giving the Most High a reasonable sum of money.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, seun_dreams said; The 3 major P’s of Nigeria problems are The Police, Pastor and Politicians😢

_toby_loba; Omo thank God say we no dey the period wey dem dey collect goat , ram or fruits as offering 😂 dem no go dey accept some people own o

godson.6ix.9ine; What do y’all expect when they can’t even ” make a tangible down payment for a roasted corn 🌽 for generated electricity to enable them roast boli ” and enjoy God’s bountiful blessing’s

liz_world25_; Pastor don vex! 😂 Pastor wan build house with this business Abeg 😭😂😂

seun_dreams; Daddy freeze don dey collect food from their mouth, Good job DF😂😂

callme_fatima; If not for offering and tithe 85% Nigerians won’t be poor 🦦

saslure___luxury; No be wetin dem get , dem go give

notinyourimagination; Na them …. Members getting broke all in the name of asking God for riches pastor cashing out from members

milly_posh21; Just imagine, does he know how those members feed? Ungrateful man of God

quotable___quotes; lemme Jess quickly say d’s with ma last 1% battery 🔋 life. what shall it PROPHET a man if

lammy_pocee; Apostleli is angry🙄, I am sure Rock of Ages sef would def appreciate it

nailed_by_cas; Imagine. What if it’s that person’s last money? Una just turn this thing to business. Is rock of ages complaining?

sound._god; DADDY FREEZE racing towards his house 🏠 to goan set up his Ring light n white curtain to throw more light on this brouhaha 👀🏃🏾‍♂️💨

quotable___quotes; DADDY FREEZE testing d microphone one two 🎤🎤🎤

n9jar; It’s ok I will write a Check of N 1, 000, 000, 000.00 payable to Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

In other news, Nigerian actress, Yetunde Bakare has spoken on why women, especially celebrities refuse to disclose their real age.

She stated during an interview that ladies lie about their age because they are concerned about earning respect or feeling young.

Bakare, however, said the trend of lying or reducing one’s age is not peculiar to actresses as women in other walks of life do so too.

She said; “Lying about one’s age isn’t limited to celebrities alone because a lot of people do it nowadays. Some do it because of their partners and some do it to earn respect. Others do it to seek sympathy or get job opportunities. A lot of people in different industries do it as well.

“Many hard-working single ladies do it when searching for Mr Right. In this part of the world, guys see dating an older woman as a taboo. Hence, women reduce their age most times to feel young and accepted”.