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“See you all in my father’s kingdom” – Nigerian man draws tattoo of ‘Jesus Christ’ on his stomach



A Nigerian man simply known as Seun has shown off his newly inked tattoo of ‘Jesus Christ’ on his stomach.

Seun with Twitter handle @BrodaSeun, inked the huge tattoo on his belly as a sign of his love for Jesus.

He shared two photos of himself, one showed him with a shirt halfway up his body, while the other had him completely topless and he placed his palms together in a praying position.

The young man captioned his tattoo images;

“Finally got my tattoo, see y’all in my Father’s Kingdom if you wish.”

See his post below…

Social media users explained he’s not meant to get a tattoo as a Christian while others argued that the person he tattooed on his body is not Jesus Christ, but English actor, Robert Powell best known for the title roles in Jesus of Nazareth.

@OMOlSSY; Imagine getting to heaven only to realize this is not what Jesus looks like.

@baddoleesa; So for your mind, na Jesus you tattoo for your Body? And you get mind show the world? I’m not disappointed just ashamed we have the same name. SIGH. But anyways it’s your Body…..

@ANXSR3; According to scientists, Jesus was a 5’5 brown skinned man from the region of Iraq. Over the years, the mythology of what he looked like mixed with Eurocentric white savior complex turned Jesus into something he originally wasn’t

@BellaGo33044932; This is not a guarantee that u will make heaven

More over we don’t know what God looks like

Imagine reaching heaven and E come be say na devil u draw for ur Belle

Sha that’s if u go reach heaven sef

@Dique_Money; Leviticus 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.

@man_like_flex; My question now is, why get a tattoo of Robert Powell???
Shey na your papa abi na your uncle?

@moskinolive; For ur eyes u go enter heaven o, bcoz u draw a movie actor for belle

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