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See beautiful photos of former conjoined twin sisters 14 years after they were separated through surgery



Kendra Deene Herrin and Maliyah Mae Herrin are former conjoined twins born in 2002 in Salt Lake, Utah, USA. They were separated at the age of 4 in August 2006.

Prior to their separation surgery, medical doctors in the United States and in Europe discussed whether it was ethical to separate the twins as they shared a kidney. Though this would pose a big risk to Maliyah as Kendra was the one with the kidney, however their family and doctors believed a separation would give both girls their best chance to live a normal life.

After the separation surgery was done, Kendra retained their shared, while Maliyah Herrin underwent dialysis until she was transplanted with a kidney donated by her mother in April 2007.

It is worth noting that Kendra and Maliyah were the first set of conjoined twins to be separated to share a kidney.

Today, we are bringing you some beautiful photos of the twin who turned 18 in February this year.

See their photos below;

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